Frequently Asked Questions


Below is a list of frequently asked questions about The Laundry Room. Can’t find an answer here?
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Q: Where are you located?

A: 318 Harbord Street, Toronto – at Bickford Park, between Grace and Jersey. We’re open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Q: What are various machine sizes and how do I determine which one(s) to use?

A: The Laundry Room has several kinds of machines:

  • Top-load washers – these are the white machines at the back of the laundromat – 7 of them are currently turned on.
  • Double front-load washers – there are 7 of these washers; they’ve got the same capacity as the top loaders, even though the drum appears smaller (no agitator taking up space)
  • Triple front-load washers – located along the east wall of the laundromat, there are two of these machines, each with triple-load capacity
  • 5x front-load washers – these 3 machines are the workhorses of the laundromat, each handling loads up to 50 pounds – more than twice the double loaders and cost-effective for large loads, including comforters and blankets
  • Dryers – 16 gas-powered, large capacity units, at 5 minutes for 25 cents
Q: What’s the difference between the front-load washers and the top loaders?

A: There are several differences, but we’ll start with the Consumer Reports answer:

“As a group front-loaders clean better and are gentler on fabrics than top-loaders . . . Those two things help boost front-loaders’ overall scores in our tests, along with impressive or even excellent water- and energy efficiency.”

– Consumer Reports, April 2017

So let’s break that down.

  • First, front-loaders use less water and soap than top-loaders: Our top loaders use about 31 gallons per wash, compared with about 7 gallons for our double front-loaders – which have the same capacity (that agitator takes up more room that you might think)
  • Second, the front loaders spin faster – about 3 times faster than front-loaders, which causes them to extract more water, which reduces drying time
  • Third, the more water you remove in the spin cycle, the less dirt and soap is trapped in your clothes, which means technically, you don’t need fabric softener in the dryer.
  • Fourth, top-loaders use agitators to move the laundry around, which can be hard on your clothes. Front-loaders use gravity.
  • Finally, the front-loaders are more energy efficient than the top-loaders

We’re going to maintain top loaders in The Laundry Room because some customers prefer them, but we encourage you to give the front loaders a shot – they have much more capacity than you might think, they use less soap and water, and they reduce drying time.

Q: Why is there a dog in The Laundry Room logo?

A: Our laundromat is right next door to the Dog Walk at Bickford Park, and we thought it would be in keeping with the neighbourhood to include the image. By the way, the dog is Paco, our Chihuahua. You won’t meet him, he’s a biter.

Q: I sometimes have trouble getting the washers to take my quarters – what’s up?

A: Quarters tend to get handled a lot, which makes them dirty, which can gum up the coin drops on the washers. We clean these machines regularly, but the units can sometimes be finicky. We’re working on delivering much better reliability here – it’s among our top two priorities right now

Q: How often is The Laundry Room cleaned?

A: Although the laundromat is officially not fully attended, we’re here almost every day to sweep, clean the floors and machines, and generally tidy up.

Q: Security?

A: Yup. We’ve got 8 cameras, to remind folks to respect other people’s belongings.